Chess Puzzles for the Casual Player

Finally!! A Chess Book for the Average Casual Player.

Are you a casual chess player who would like to win more games? Would you like to learn to quickly spot and take advantage of your opponent's blunders? Would you like to avoid blunders yourself? Do you wish for a chess book that helps you do this without requiring you wade through long lists of algebraic notation between diagrams? If your answer to these questions is yes! then this book is for you!

Chess puzzles for the Casual Player, Vol. 1 contains 50 highly instructive puzzles illustrated by 776 move by move diagrams. Each puzzle contains two parts. First, you are shown a move that may seem good but is actually bad and asked how to take advantage of it. Second, you are asked what a better move would have been in the first place. This two part puzzle training technique helps you learn how to take advantage of opponents' blunders and also how to avoid them yourself. The positions come from real games between average casual players. Every solution is generated and verified by sophisticated professional chess analysis software. The solution to every puzzle is fully illustrated, and explained with easy to understand text.



"Kevin Houston Provides a Vital Bridge for Elementary Chess Players."

"Okay. Your buddy Charlie’s been getting back into chess, and he says he needs a little help, so you get him Vukovic’s The Art of Attack but it winds up untouched on his bookshelf next to War as I Knew It by Patton and Infantry Attacks by Rommel? You try again with Reinfeld’s 1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations, but the next time you drop by his place you see he’s got it under the short leg of a coffee table, where it levels things out real fine. You’re beginning to realize that your pal is a casual chess player, and no chess book is going to be of any use to him unless he opens it and actually reads it…

Fortunately, Kevin Houston feels your pain. His Chess Puzzles for the Casual Player Volume 1 was written just for that chess friend of yours..."

"Puzzles demonstrate common tactical mistakes in everyday positions"